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On Thursday, the 18th of April, the European Centre for Creative Economy (ECCE, Dortmund), the Dutch Design Desk Europe (DDDE, Maastricht) and the province of Limburg signed a cooperation agreement at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. The agreement will join the three organizations together in an attempt to durably strengthen the international position of the German-Dutch ‘creative industry’.

After going back and forth between Maastricht and Dortmund round the end of 2012, beginning 2013, ECCE, DDDE and the province of Limburg found in each other a willingness to cooperate. The three organizations underwrite the importance of a joint effort within the cultural and economic sectors, with the aim to create new networks, innovations, urban developments and new enterprises within the creative sector. Geographically speaking, the organizations are neighbours of each other and a cooperation between them is therefore obvious.

The three organizations want to intensify the cooperation between their regions, on a culturally-economic level. With this, they aim to increase the transparency and engage in dialogs between the various groups. The vision is that of the interregional and international strengthening of relations as being the driving force behind a better cooperation.

ECCE has as a main goal to maintain and further expand the developments that had been achieved during the’ Europa Ruhr2010’ project. Maastricht and the Euregio Meuse-Rhine now have the ambition to become the new cultural capital as of 2018. Both regions have much to offer to each other in terms of exchanging knowledge and the establishment of cross-over’s in the area of their creative industries.

In the agreement, the three parties have promised each other work together on a durable and lasting basis in the area of culture and economics. They specifically aim for;

> Cooperation between the creative industries within the different region’s;
> The creation of relevant interregional and international networks;
> The realization of interregional projects;
> Making use of relevant financing possibilities coming from the EU, meant to support the creative industry
> An effective organizational cooperation between regions;
> An effective organizational cooperation between regions;

source: www.dutchdesigndesk.eu
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