Maasbrick Music Festival

Building colourful communications brick by brick

I am “a brick in the wall” and I like it!

On the 28th of April 2013, the beginning of springtime will be marked with the first edition of the sparkling ‘Maasbrick Music Festival’. With lots of colour, passion, music and other art forms we, the Master students from the Conservatory, want to unite everybody from Maastricht and surroundings to be part of a movement that rebels for a more beautiful society.
History shows that it is common to rebel or protest against something we don’t like. As Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) put it: we don’t want to be ‘just another brick in the wall’. So why don’t we shake things up a bit? Let’s turn this power around for once and use it in a positive way!
This spring, all Master students of the Maastricht Academy of Music will unite to carry out this dream, ‘brick by brick’!
We are a multicultural group of young musicians who strongly believe that art is the glue that keeps our turbulent society together. 
Accompanied by other young artists of our city (photographers, dancers, actors, fine artists, …) we present to you our very own ‘Maasbrick Music Festival’ on Sunday the 28th of April.
On this day we will surprise you at various locations with a wide range of different performances on some of Maastricht’s most beautiful locations throughout the city center.
During ‘Maasbrick Music Festival’ art is everywhere!
Classical, jazz, modern, popular and alternative music… During ‘Maasbrick Music Festival’ boundaries are pushed and different musical styles are presented, as well as a variety of different art forms.
Each performance is a story in pictures, motion and music. Different colours will brighten up our city and each colour represents one emotion. In our vision 1 colour = 1 emotion = 1 brick in our new wall or society. Experience the fun of orange, the passion of red, the silence of black or the mystery of violet… Follow the colourful brick stones to discover new locations and help us build a better and brighter society.
foto: The Modest Men
Debate – Bulding on cultural values, brick by brick
As a kick-off of the Festival an exciting debate will take place hosted in the Willem Hijstek Hall of the Maastricht Conservatory.
The theme: Cultural Entrepreneurship vs Government Subsidy.
The time: 10:30 – 12:00.
What is the value of culture to a society, to an individual? What is an artists’ value and how can it be expressed? How should it be expressed? What is the relationship between financial and cultural values?m If you are a student of any artistic discipline, this is a great opportunity for you to get an insight in the situation of arts in society today. 
So if you are curious about what to expect in- and from cultural life tomorrow, come around and discuss!
Participants a.o.:
  • Marc Erkens – Head of department of the Luca School of Arts in Leuven, BE
  • Brendan Jan Walsh – Chief Brending Officer of Brending
  • Harrie Reumkens – Artisitc Manager of the World Music Concours, Kerkrade NL
  • Joachim Brackx – Composer, Founder and Director of Nabla, inst. for music theatre, performance and dance
  • Michel Severijns MA, Councel VVD Maastricht, Chairman of the “Businessclub Museum aan het Vrijthof”.

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