Migration Festival

Mirroring Migration, an independent festival about migration and refugees.

Between the 22nd and the 27th of April the festival Mirror and Migration will take place at various locations in Maastricht. The festival is organized by a diverse group of students interested in migration, supported by Mandril Cultural Centre, Landhuis, Amnesty International Maastricht Students, Swampwood, Orakel, Nightscapes productions, Maastricht University, Landbouwbelang, Code 043 and IFMSA
The topic during this festival is migration and refugees. This festival will frame migration in its complexity, with its challenges as well as its enriching aspects. It will critically explore the European and Dutch politics of migration, show the human realities of refugees and reflect on the role of Europe in fuelling migration dynamics. Throughout the festival a couple of question will be addressed, such as:
  • What is migration?
  • How is migration enriching?
  • What does it reflect on our societies and world division in countries?
The numerous programs, during the festival, vary from discussions and lectures to workshops and storytelling nights. A selection of the program;
  • Citizenship. lecture by C. Dumbrava
  • Global Migration
  • a concise history. discussion by A. Knotte.
For the exact planning of each day or question, we refer you to the website below:


or their Facebook page:

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