Come and meet: 27 ideas for Europe

Build your network, get inspired!

We invite you to meet 27 young Europeans who came up with creative and innovate ideas that you can benefit from as well. Get inspired – enlarge your network!
The programme will take place the 8th of May from 10 am to 12.30 pm and be held in AINSI in Maastricht.

For subscription contact Dorothe van den Bosch or Christiane Gronenberg

Who exactly is coming? 
27 young progressive Europeans who have developed unique and innovative projects of European significance. In their own countries, they have won the competition for the “Charlemagne Youth Prize”, a title which has been awarded for several years, as a counterpart to the prestigious Karlspreis of Aachen, to young people in Europe.

The submitted projects can be thematically divided roughly into:
Durable society, cultural diversity, and from digital mobility to new forms of journalism.

Why does VIA2018 invite them to Maastricht? 
Within the context of Maastricht’s ambition of becoming, in cooperation with the Meuse- Rhine Euroregion, European Capital of Culture in 2018, we see this visit as a moment of encounter in which Europe enters this Euroregion. We see this as an  opportunity for young people from our own region to be inspired and to build their network by starting cooperations with the 27 visitors. 

The national winners of 2013: 

AUSTRIA - Ride for your Rights! -

BELGIUM – Mission Europe³ –

BULGARIA - International Week Bulgaria -

CYPRUS - Let's research -

CZECH REPUBLIC - Academic Course 2013 -

DENMARK – Result to be communicated

ESTONIA - The Story of My Life -

FINLAND - Leo Europa Forum 2013 -

FRANCE - Eurodéputé à l'école -


GREECE – Faceurope -

HUNGARY - Life is Plastic! It’s Fantastic! -

IRELAND – European Cook Book -

ITALY - 1000 and 1 realities –


LITHUANIA - International conference of theatre arts students

LUXEMBOURG - Our Voice 2012 -

MALTA - National Student Travel Foundation Mini European Assembly (NSTF MEA) 2012-2013 -

POLAND - Discover Europe -

PORTUGAL - Gap Year Portugal –

ROMANIA - Debate@Europe -

SLOVAKIA – European Dialogue of perspective attitude –

SLOVENIA – Youth Vote -

SPAIN - Europe on Track –

SWEDEN - Easy EU -

THE NETHERLANDS - EU on the Road –


Gefinancierd door het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling (EFRO). De Europese Comissie investeert in uw toekomst